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BWARNED runs a 6.984 quater.
2.3 MB


Nice LX does a big wheelstand.
This car has been seen on 1 wheel before :) 1.8 MB 


VL turbo runs 8.971
1 MB


Stamanis warming up. 2 Good blats


Lamatina's last run. This run was done at about 11pm so not many 
people even seen it :)  Its a 60 footer 4.2MB







GASDUP with a huge launch but controls it to run a 9.8
2 MB


Pac Performance runs a 6.88 in their MX6
3.6 MB


Dobbo warms up his top fueler. 2 Good blats, listen to it merge into nitro.
4.2 MB


Small fire. The guys were on it quickly.


Lyle Gilmore nearly loses his SCO pretty hairy one this.